Biden’s Border Executive Order is Unnecessarily Cruel for Political Gain

Instead our President could protect American families with undocumented loved ones

New York - Today, President Biden took one of its harshest steps yet on immigration by effectively closing the border with Mexico to people seeking safety. Biden’s border restrictions are counterproductive and put people and communities in harm's way. Make the Road Action denounces this political move and calls on the President to instead take positive action to protect families.

Make the Road Action’s Theo Oshiro said:

“It is incredibly disappointing to witness our Democratic President enact policies right out of Donald Trump’s playbook: courting voters by enacting cruel policies on vulnerable people fleeing danger. The Democratic party should give serious thought to what measures like these communicate to its Latine and immigrant voter base. We demand better. Whether we’re born here or moved to make America our home, most of us do what it takes to make a better life for our families. Immigrant Americans move here for the promise of freedoms that all of us - Black or White, Latino or Asian, Native or newcomer, cherish. Instead of choosing cruelty, Biden can take action to protect Latine families by granting work permits to undocumented spouses, parents, children and/or siblings of U.S. citizens. Latine voters will not vote for leaders that put their families in peril, they will vote for leaders that secure the futures of their loved ones.”


[Image by Nicolas Lampert via Just Seeds]

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