Trump Verdict Is Crucial Step in Fighting Anti-Democratic Authoritarianism

New York - Make the Road Action hailed yesterday’s conviction of former President Trump as a victory for the American people and an important step on the path to accountability.  Twelve everyday Americans considered the evidence and found former and failed presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, guilty on all 34 counts in his “hush money” trial, demonstrating that simply being rich and powerful does not give you a free pass. 

Make the Road Action’s Theo Oshiro said:

“This decision is a crucial step in fighting anti-democratic authoritarianism. Donald Trump has sought to undermine the laws that govern our democracy during his campaign, his presidency, and this trial. This November, Americans must reject this nascent fascism—we can and must continue to stand up for our democracy, our rights, and our communities. Our members will be doing the hard work of democracy ahead of this year’s elections—knocking on doors, educating our neighbors, and showing up at the polls—to preserve our freedoms for ourselves and future generations.

“President Trump has shown his disdain for the foundations of our democracy from the moment he stepped onto the political scene. From cruel anti-immigrant policies that block those seeking refuge at our southern border and tear families apart to corruption and attempts to flout election law, Trump and MAGA Republicans have shown that they will only follow the rules when it benefits them. Yesterday’s verdict is an important victory for accountability—now we need to make sure he is never again in a position of power.”

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