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The 2021-22 elections will be critical to our country’s future, especially for Latinx and immigrant communities. In 2021, states and municipalities across the country will hold crucial local races that will determine important policy and resource allocation decisions, and also set the political tone of the country heading into a mid-term year. In 2022, crucial federal House and Senate races and key gubernatorial and state legislative races will take place, determining the balance of power in Washington and in states across the country. With such a slim margin in both the Senate and the House, the stakes are extremely high. For progressives to win in these two years, we must harness the power of grassroots organizations with deep relationships in immigrant, Black, and brown communities, as we did successfully in 2020.

In 2020, Make the Road Action, operating across Pennsylvania, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, completed more than 4 million direct voter contact attempts. A Way to Win analysis found our program to be one of the most effective such programs in the country.



Read the full 2020 general election report here. 

In 2022, we plan to scale up again to the level of voter contact we reached in 2020, engaging millions of voters across our states, with a focus on door-to-door contact. This includes the swing states of Pennsylvania and Nevada, where immigrant, Latinx and Black voters could be the difference-makers in hotly contested US Senate and gubernatorial races, as well as contested congressional and state legislative races across our five states that could determine the balance of power in Washington and in our state governments.

Our work will center on high-quality voter contact that engages voters on core issues of immigrant rights, economic inequality, and racial justice. This means advancing a multi-pronged agenda that includes, but is not limited to: relief and a path to citizenship for immigrants while resisting the criminalization and dehumanization our communities experience; state and federal action to ensure a $15/hour minimum wage, paid sick leave, and complementary economic justice policies; police accountability and criminal justice reform; and a robust safety net to tackle poverty and ensure the well-being of all. Our issue-first engagement with community members connects the upcoming elections to the things about which voters care most, underscores the urgency of casting their ballots in each election.  Our voter contact program in each state will be layered with complementary issue-focused organizing and strategic communications (both earned media and digital) work to ensure that our respect and dignity message echoes throughout our communities—and is not just limited to our direct voter contact conversations. 

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