Make the Road Action members fight for respect and dignity for all. Here are some of the issues on which we work most:


We believe that the millions of undocumented immigrants in this country deserve a speedy path to to citizenship. We also fight to end the abuse and criminalization of our communities by ICE and CBP, rogue agencies which tear our community members from their loved ones.

Workers’ Rights

Raising the minimum wage everywhere in the country to at least $15 per hour, stopping wage theft, allowing workers to join a union, and reining in corporate power.

Affordable Housing

Preserving and dramatically expanding truly affordable housing in communities across the country, where Latinx, immigrant, and Black people face rampant displacement and a dire lack of affordable places to live.

Education and School Climate

Fully funding public schools and giving all young people the freedom to thrive. This must include tackling the school-to-prison pipeline by overhauling school climate policies by reining in suspensions and the criminalization of youth, and instead encouraging the use of restorative justice approaches.

Ending Mass Incarceration and Discriminatory, Abusive Policing

Confronting the epidemic of police violence against Black and Brown communities and the caging of Black and Brown bodies in prisons and immigrant detention centers. We organize for police reform and accountability and criminal justice reform.

TGNCIQ (Transgender, Gender Non-Conforming, Intersex, and Queer) Equality

Stopping the attacks on TGNCIQ community members from Washington and in neighborhoods across the country, eliminating discrimination of all kinds (workplace, housing, etc.), and demanding full equality and liberation.