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Make the Road Action builds political power rooted in immigrant communities and working-class communities of color, promotes policy solutions that improve the lives of everyone, and strengthens the movement for justice through electoral and grassroots organizing to advance progressive political and policy change.


An important part of this is our work to educate and mobilize hundreds of thousands of voters in our communities to ensure that their voices are being heard in the political process.


MRA builds on more than two decades of work by Make the Road New York, Make the Road Pennsylvania, Make the Road Connecticut, Make the Road New Jersey, and Make the Road Nevada. Our members have won key campaigns to protect the rights of immigrant workers and the LGBTQ community, expand affordable housing, improve public education, and much more.


MRA complements the work of our sister organizations in many of these issues through adding key advocacy and electoral tools and infrastructure to continue building efforts to reach immigrant voters and voter of color, educating workers about their rights, and digital organizing to expand our reach.


We are also a proud affiliate of the Center for Popular Democracy Action and national and state affiliate of the Working Families Party.

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